Text for the Welcome Video


N: Hi, there.

C: Hello.

E: Hi

N: So what’s up?

E: I have to write a paper in English.

C: Oh, that’s too bad!

N: So what’s the problem?

E: Where to begin?

N: Do you have problems writing papers?

C: Oh, yes!

E: I don’t know how to select a topic. I don’t know how to organize the paper. I’m not sure how to write a paper in English.

N: Hmm, have you thought about using ESL-WOW?

C and E: ESL-WOW?

C: What’s that?

N: ESL-WOW is the English as a Second Language Writing Online Workshop.

E: Well, what is it exactly?

N: It’s a website.

C: Is it an online course?

N: No, it’s not a course. It’s an online writing lab, or OWL. It was made especially for English language learners who need help with their writing. ESL-WOW is hosted by Excelsior College.

E: So how is ESL-WOW going to help me?

N: ESL-WOW will guide you through the various steps in writing a paper: Getting Ready to Write, Developing Your Ideas, Revising Your Work, and Editing and Polishing. There is also a tutorial on plagiarism.

C: Oh, plagiarism!

E: Yes, I always have problems with the American idea of plagiarism!

C: Yes, it’s confusing.

N: Well, the tutorial will help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

E: Sounds great!

C: How do I register for ESL-WOW? Is it complicated?

N: There is no registration. You just go to

E: How much does it cost?

N: ESL-WOW is completely free.

C: What if I don’t do well in it?

N: Well don’t worry. Remember, it’s not a course, so there are no grades.

E: Where can I find it?

N: The address again is Hope to see you there!



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